Solar Heater


Wide Range Of Easy-to-choose Renewable Configurations Efficient
And Reliable Hot Water Supply Thermostatic Mixing Valve Pre-mounted


Significant CO2 Reduction (Up To 400 Kg CO2/y for each Collector)

Available with 1 And 2 Coil Cylinder and 1 Coil with Electrical Integration
Easy Frontal Access to all Components for Simple Maintenance
Installation Kit For Solar Collectors For Flat And Inclined Roof


Pro-Tech Technology: Intelligent Protection against Corrosion for Maximum Durability and Reliability, LCD Display for the whole System Management
Possibility to integrate inside Casing Additional Solar Expansion Vessel 12 lt


1 Coil Cylinder 150, 200, 300 lt and 1-2 Solar Collector

2 Coil Cylinder 200, 300 lt and 1-2 Solar Collector

1 Coil Cylinder 200, 300 lt with Electrical Integration and 1-2 Solar Collector

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