Roll Shutter Systems

About Orman Roll Shutter Systems
“Roller Shutter” is the perfect solution for the researcher for excellence
The roll shutter systems provide thermal and acoustic insulation with air sealing and dust with significant protection from theft, quiet movement with the possibility of stirring electricity and remote control. It is also available sizes and colors are consistent with all the design and external appearance of buildings in addition to the engineering design, which allowed it to ease of movement, as they are not affected by extreme weather conditions can also be installed on multiple systems. The blades Shutter made in the best aluminum specialized companies, which is insulated foam insulation (polyurethane Rithan) eco-friendly. One of the main characteristics of these codes that guarantee for a period of five years.

The benefits of using roller Shutter:
Thermal and acoustic insulation from the external environment through design codes and injecting them with foam insulation, which helps saving energy and feeling comfortable and calm.
Save money through more efficient use of heating and cooling systems
Prevent the infiltration of rain and air, dust and noise.
Significant protection from theft because of the hardness of aluminum and designed blades
Blades provided openings for the introduction of light and sunlight, by closing the blades, this makes the inner emptiness of warmth and security.
Is not affected by weather factors does not change its color to that processor and high-quality coated material is not affected by heat
Does not occupy much space and easy installation either in a hidden box or after the end of the texture
The possibility of moving it manually and automatically and by remote control and a simple and quiet with the possibility of opening and closing all shutters in your home by one button.
Available in several colors, including normal and wood to suit every taste and to make your home more beautiful.
Give privacy to the owners of the house to move freely within their homes without fear of prying eyes
Guaranteed for a period of five years, while ensuring the speed in maintenance.
Protect curtains and furniture from direct sunlight and heat, which fades color and cause erosion.

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